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Bridging the gap between patient-centered care and digital innovation.


Decentralized Diagnostics

Enabling virtual healthcare services and traditional brick-and-mortar healthcare clinics to better serve patients. Switch Health brings to market decentralized diagnostics products to provide smart and evidence-based care.

Decentralized Testing

Making home health testing easier and more affordable. Empowering patients with greater control and knowledge of their own health and health records.


Decentralizing patient COVID19 testing to get global economies back on track.

About Us

Formed in early 2017, Switch Health has established itself as a leader in connected disease management. Switch Health worked with leading pharmaceutical companies to assist in the development and distribution of modern connected diabetes management and diagnostic devices, and more recently in the arena of technology transfer, licensing, distribution, and deployment of broader diagnostic devices, services, and the secure digital platforms that they require.

The company has expanded its portfolio to include point-of-care service providers and clients across the globe. Switch Health is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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