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I accidentally closed my browser during my telehealth call, can I get back in?

  1. If you accidentally closed your browser please log back in to your account at

  2. Go to “Home Test”

  3. Click on “Take test with a nurse” to reenter your appointment.

  4. Switch Health nurses will wait between 3-5 minutes for a patient to re-enter the session before closing the session for a new patient.

  5. If the nurse has left your session, you will need to wait in the queue for the next available appointment.

Please note, ASMO holds your place in the queue. When you re-enter, if the nurse has left the appointment, you will not have to wait at the back of the queue.

For general inquiries, who should I contact?

For general inquiries, please email

For media inquiries, please email

For results inquiries, please email

For questions on home kits, please email

For any other questions or concerns, please call us at 647-977-1030.

Staff are available to speak 24/7.